I am an artist, writer, and puppet maker who loves to dabble in a little bit of everything. Children's books have long been a passion of mine, and my biggest dream is to someday have my own books dog-eared and well-loved on bookshelves all over the world.


My other dream was to work in the Jim Henson Creature Shop. Twenty years after the passing of my hero, Jim Henson, I finally decided I wanted to give puppet making a try on my own...and I fell in love with it.


I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. (That's me
with my doll and my favorite rocking chair that played music when you rocked.)


I am a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the Rochester Area Children's Writers and Illustrators (RACWI), and The Art FLiEs (Art For Little Eyes) illustrators collective. I also have a writing group that are the most wonderful group of friends that keep me inspired and laughing lots!

Here I am with my illustration group, the Art FLiEs.
There is always equal parts inspiration and laughter when I get together with this talented bunch!

Donna Farrell, Karen Pasquarette, Roxane Chadwick, David Kalvitis (badly Photoshopped in)
Me, Lori Mulligan, and Sheila Jarkins


After being surrounded by the riches of culture and art in the NYC area for a number of years, and then being enveloped by the beauty and earthiness of the Canadian Rockies for another handful, I've returned to my Erie Canal based hometown in Western NY. I happily share my home with my husband, two daughters, and our elderly and neurotic cat. Both my girls seem to dig art and books, a combo which makes me utterly happy!

I've done all kinds of jobs that at first glance seem completely random, but have all inspired me in one way or another-- like deciphering and computerizing hand-written census records from the 1700's through the mid-20th century, organizing cemetery records, going door to door as a NY State dog census tabulator, working for a shipping company and learning the proper way to bubblewrap and crate an entire household, editing maps for a world atlas (I spent a week pouring over Russia, China and a gazillion tiny countries that end with "stan"), and voluntarily taking the inventory stocking shift that nobody else wanted at a bookstore simply for the glory of touching all those crisp, new books...just to name a handful. Little snippets of experiences show up in my work in the strangest of places.


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